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As played by Alice Giles in Antarctica, the harp solo ICE is now available for download from the Store page!”


 "Sojourn" for the Windfire Festival

 Saturday May 25 @ 7.30pm

St Pauls Anglican Church 179 Princes Highway, Geelong


Jazz Harp in Ballarat

Mary performs originals at the Ballarat Mechanics Institute on a double bill with the Cheryl Durongpisitkul Group

October 19 at 7.30  Ballarat Mechanics Institute


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Simi the Cat is  now available in score form!  

following on the heels No.1 "Arnie the Cat" in the series, "Three Jazz Cats" for lever harp, comes No. 2, "Simi". 

She's my own little feline and I've chosen a jazz waltz as her tribute. "Simi' is a bit more challenging as we get into lever slides

and faster lever changes. You can hear me play "Simi" on youtube:


VHS 4 with Diana Rowan 

It's the week of Diana Rowan's Virtual Harp Summit, and I am once again, delighted to be presenting. The theme is "Practice and Performance" and boy, did I ramble on!  Hopefully some of my ramblings will be entertaining and a little helpful. When it came time to record my House Concert, I still hadn't gotten over my bronchitis, so no singing this time. The other thing that has started   this week is...... I'm in labour!  Songwriting labour, that is... new songs are eager to come on through and I'm LOVING it!!!  If you've never tired to write songs on the harp, I urge you to give it a go. The harp is a wonderful accompanying instrument, in almost any genre, limited in scope, only by your imagination. 

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