The sonic possibilities of both electric and acoustic harp are still being discovered. This makes the harp a exciting instrument for collaborative music and new composition. Since 2009, Mary has worked on various productions in Jame's Hullick's Bolt Ensemble. ( )These include 2 international tours of Tokyo, London and Edinburgh and seasons at the Meat Market in Melbourne. She collaborated with Environmental Sound Artist, Ros Bandt, curating a ten harp installation for the world Harp Congress in Sydney 2014 entitled, "Windharps: an Aeolian Symphony" which incorporated recordings of Bandt's Environmental sound sculpture, Aeolian Harp, set up in Lake Mungo. Since then, she has taken part in live sound installations with Ros Bandt, including her Jaara Jaara Project ( performed in the bushlands of Victoria. 

Mary is currently creating new duo works with  Brophy